Current Investments

Globalization Partners, Inc. provides scalable solutions that breakdown the barriers to global business expansion. Using their proprietary technology platform, Globalization Partners allows businesses to “hire” local employees under GP’s foreign subsidiaries, enabling clients to meet their staffing needs quickly and affordably without having to form foreign entities and navigate complex employment issues on their own. The Company, which provides a full suite of services including payroll, HR, legal GDPR compliance and expense reporting, is recognized as the leading global Employer of Record (a subset of the Professional Employer Organization industry).

Together with TDR Capital, we led the recapitalization of this business in January 2020, working collaboratively with the existing management team. We are working with Globalization Partners to maintain its highly regarded market leading position while innovating and investing in strategic channels to create future growth.

Plainview, NY

Fortbrand Services is a leading provider of maintenance and support equipment to the global aviation industry. Fortbrand’s Ground Support Equipment business provides sales, leasing and short-term rentals of mission critical ground support equipment to airlines, ground handling companies and fixed base operators. The Company’s Airfield Maintenance Equipment business distributes and leases snow removal and maintenance equipment to airports.

We led the recapitalization of this business in March 2019, partnering with existing management and a seasoned industry executive. We are working with Fortbrand to build the premier rental and leasing platform to support the expected growth in air traffic.

Fresno, CA

LAKOS is a filtration solutions company that designs, manufactures and distributes branded water and liquid filtration products to the industrial, commercial, agricultural irrigation and residential groundwater markets. LAKOS’s core Separator products remove solids from liquids, mainly through an environmentally friendly centrifugal action. LAKOS’s mission is to be the customer’s first choice for water filtration by providing innovative and reliable solutions.

We led the recapitalization of this business in August 2018, partnering with a group of experienced industry executives as investors. We are working to build on LAKOS’s strong brand name and specialized technology to become a leading global filtration platform.


Centerline provides turnkey wireless telecommunications infrastructure services to carriers, equipment suppliers, and tower operators.  Services include project management and real estate services, outsourced maintenance services for HVAC and generator units at wireless sites, and general construction services including installation and equipment modification.  Centerline provides services across the U.S., with a particularly strong presence in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets.  TowerNorth Development, an affiliated entity, is a telecommunications tower development company.

Together with Stone-Goff Partners, we led the recapitalization of this business in 2017, partnering with the owner and management.  We are working to build on Centerline’s deeply entrenched position as an outsourced partner providing high value-add services to its customers.

Concord, NC

Rhino Tool House (“RTH”) is a value-added supplier of high-performance assembly tools and material handling equipment used in heavy manufacturing. RTH’s distribution operations include assembly tool and material handling products focused on “intelligent fastening” solutions that provide data on productivity, performance and safety. RTH, through its Hovair brand, provides highly engineered material handling equipment, including carts and conveyor systems. RTH has a salesforce of over 50 professionals located throughout the Midwest and Southeastern U.S. who sell directly to automotive (including OEMs, tiers and truck), industrial, agricultural, and integrator customers.

We led the acquisition of Rhino Assembly in 2017, The Tool House, Level 10 Industries, Hovair Automotive and Buckeye Tools in 2018 to collectively form Rhino Tool House. We are working to leverage the strengths of each company to expand product offerings and geographic coverage across the platform, while aggressively pursuing additional strategic acquisitions.

Fort Worth, TX

Integrated Warehouse Solutions (IWS) is a leading provider of material handling equipment focused on enhancing the safety and efficiency of loading docks and warehouses. The Company’s products, which include yard ramps, dock boards, pit levelers, seals and shelters, safety barriers, mezzanines, lift tables, pallet trucks and carts, are sold under the leading Bluff, Wesco and Nordock brands. IWS serves virtually every end market throughout the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, and the Caribbean through a broad distributor network supported by production facilities in Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Ontario (Canada).

We led the acquisition of Bluff Manufacturing in 2016, Wesco Industrial Products in 2017 and Nordock in 2018 to collectively form IWS. We are working to leverage the strengths of each company to expand product offerings and geographic coverage across the platform, while aggressively pursuing additional strategic acquisitions.

Adaptec Solutions (formerly Aloi) is a leading provider of innovative material handling and automation solutions for the package handling, grocery, food & beverage, industrial and automotive markets. The Company designs customer-centric solutions that optimize workflow, enhance safety and reduce costs by integrating equipment, robotics and controls, together with ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support. Adaptec has facilities in Rochester, NY, Corning, NY, and Lexington, NC and is supported by technicians in over 30 states nationwide.

We led the recapitalization of Aloi in 2016, partnering with existing management. We completed two key acquisitions in 2019: Automated Cells and Equipment (ACE), bolstering the Company’s robotics and automation capabilities, and Mainstream, expanding its service and maintenance operations. Together, with Aloi, ACE, and Mainstream, the Company rebranded to Adaptec Solutions in August 2020. The combined business is a full-service platform delivering innovative solutions to our customers throughout their equipment’s operational life.

Selected Prior Investments

West Chester, PA

Comstar is a full-service provider of technology and telecommunications services to corporate and institutional customers. The company’s services include cloud-based VOIP (voice-over internet protocol) phone systems, the installation and maintenance of traditional phone systems, managed IT services, network infrastructure and cabling, and the integration of security, fire and A/V systems.  Comstar’s mission is to be a customer service-oriented “one-stop shop” for the evolving technology needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises.

We led the recapitalization of this business in 2017, investing growth capital and partnering with the existing President/owner to facilitate an ownership buy-in for a long-tenured management team. Wincove supported Comstar in five strategic acquisitions that accelerated its shift to recurring cloud-based services.  We exited our investment in 2022, when the Company was sold to New Era, a global provider of managed IT-services.

Toledo, OH

Impact Products is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of (non-chemical) cleaning, maintenance and safety supplies, products and equipment in the United States.  The Company serves diverse end markets, including Jan/San, Foodservice, Safety, Office Products, Healthcare, Industrial, Education and Hospitality, and provides industry leading service levels.

We teamed with management to acquire the business from its previous owners in 2006. After making a follow-on acquisition, we exited our investment in 2011 through a sale of the business. Impact is now a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 distribution business.

Kansas City, MO

ROM Corp. is a leading manufacturer of products for the trucking and transportation industries. Product lines include Roll-Up compartment doors, folding safety ramps, and automated bed covers.

We initially acquired the business in 2004, and after several successful years, sold a large majority interest to a leading West Coast based private equity firm. We ultimately exited together in 2013, after nine years. At the time of sale, the business had grown revenues tenfold since our original investment.

Wolfeboro, NH

GI Plastek is a value-added provider of advanced manufacturing solutions, with a specialty in manufacturing medium to large customized and highly aesthetic plastic injection molded products. The Company offers gas assist, structural foam, and standard injection processes, as well as assembly and other value-added finishing operations.

We worked with management to acquire this orphaned business from its owner, a real estate investment trust, in 2009. We invested heavily in growth initiatives, and ultimately sold the company in 2015 to a publicly-traded investment company and certain members of management

Seattle, WA

Connect-Air is a leading specialty distributor of low-voltage wire and cable products used in critical building applications, primarily HVAC, security, and fire alarm systems. The Company has a large national footprint, with eight locations throughout the US and Canada, and enjoys an outstanding reputation for customer service.

We acquired the company in 2008 from its founders. After seven years, we exited our investment in 2015 when the business was sold to EIS, a subsidiary of Genuine Parts Company, a Fortune 500 business, where it continues to operate as a subsidiary.

Long Island City, NY

HHAX is a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service healthcare software solutions to the home care industry, serving both home care agencies and their Payers. HHAX’s cloud-based product offering includes one of the industry’s most robust and innovative agency management systems, and also a unique and powerful data exchange platform, eXchange Suite, that dynamically links Payers and their contracting agencies.

We originated and led this investment in 2014. In 2018, after four years and ~500% growth, the Company was sold to Cressey and Company.