Investment Approach

While we are flexible and opportunistic, we typically invest in businesses with under $100 million in revenue, where have developed a direct relationship with the ownership group and management team.

Wincove is not a traditional investment firm that invests through serial funds. Our holding company has a permanent equity capital base, and all of our shareholders are like-minded individuals and families. Therefore, we are not bound to fixed investment periods and holding constraints. This allows us to approach our business with a longer term mindset.

We prefer to partner with founders or existing management, and are especially attracted to situations where our partners have capital invested alongside us. We strive to keep our structures simple, and to maintain strong alignment of interests amongst shareholders. We utilize leverage on a situational basis, always prudently, and never engineer our way into an acceptable equity return.

We are highly selective, and partner with a limited number of companies. Our strategy is to reduce risk through a deep understanding of our partner companies and the industries in which they operate, rather than through portfolio diversification.

Value Creation Approach

We have a long track record of working with management teams to build strong businesses.

Our concentrated investment approach allows us to be actively involved in creating value. We have spent time on the ground at many companies; we recognize importance of culture, and know how challenging it can be to build and grow a small business.

We are committed and supportive partners, and believe strongly in investing in growth initiatives, people and capital assets. We challenge ourselves and our partner companies to be forward-thinking and creative, and to develop long-term strategic plans and then execute on them.

This approach has allowed us to generate strong returns to our investors, over many years and through up and down economic environments.